Ai Generated Video

How to design and combine artificial intelligence with design tools

Free educational design assignment :

Immerse your photo into a talking video with Generative AI
Generate an AI taking video of yourself with an AI generated background.

Place yourself with a selfie in front of the background image and talk about your passion, with an AI generated text..

The tools to use

Workflow for education : ChatGPT > AI image > Photoshop > D-id video


Make the right prompt text for talking about your passion.

Make the right prompt for the background picture.

Photoshop ai

Use Generative Fill and Expand the background


Take a selfie and mask it in front of the background picture.


Combine :
text + selfie + background.

The workflow


Generate text


Take a selfie


Generate image


Combine in Photoshop


Mask it perfectly

06 > End result in youtube

Create Video in D-ID: Make a short pitch ( about a minute ) of yourself.

ADD IMAGE : Upload the combined image ( selfie and background ).

Spoken text consists of 2 parts:
NOTE: 20 words preview limit, and export limit is infinite

Part #01 : Briefly tell us about yourself in your own words

Part #02 Generate a text using ChatGPT about your passion in the field.

Language : Choose the right language. Adjust the letters for pronunciation if necessary.

Youtube : Upload your video on YouTube (note privacy).