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Looking to learn WordPress on your own? Choose our free tutorials and gain the skills you need to build and manage your website.
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Wordpress - free tutorials

These step-by-step guides will help you master WordPress, so you can create a professional site with ease.

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Get started

These video guides will show you how to quickly set up your first website or blog, how to use our mobile app to edit your site, and how to get started with Podcasting or Blogging.

Using the block editor

The WordPress Editor, or Block Editor, is what you will use to create the pages and posts on your website.

These videos show you how to use the block editor, edit specific block settings, and explore block patterns.

Customize your site / blog

The videos on this page show you how to change your theme, set up custom menus, and customize your site with icons and widgets.

Site marketing

The videos in this guide will show you how to grow your audience, set up sharing buttons, social media icons, and embed Twitter and Instagram posts on your site.

Monetize your site

Payments features on WordPress.com allow you to make money from your site in many ways.

Here is a series of video tutorials created by the WordPress.com team to help you get up and running with payments features on your site.

Domains and emails

Custom domain names let you brand your website’s address so people don’t see WordPress.com in your site’s address, and email allows you to set up a branded email address from that custom domain.

These videos will cover how to set your domain as your primary site address, register or connect a domain, and set up third-party email services.

Manage your account

The videos here will show you how to add a new site to your existing WordPress.com account, change your password, email, display name, and username, and empty your site.


Plugins are tools that expand the functionality of your site. Plugins are available on the WordPress.com Business and Ecommerce plans and the legacy Pro plan.

This video will show you how to troubleshoot plugin conflicts.

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