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Our platform provides comprehensive resources on software programs, modeling, and animation to help you bring your creative ideas to life.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we offer a variety of options for you to learn and enhance your skills. Our chosen external tutorials are curated to provide you with the best education on 3D design, and our free tutorials enable you to learn it yourself at your own pace.

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Tinkercad tutorials - basic

Discover the world of basic 3D design with Tinkercad!
The step-by-step tutorials provide a comprehensive guide to help you learn the basics of this powerful editor.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, the free tutorials make it easy to create stunning designs and bring your ideas to life.
Start your journey today and unlock your creative potential with Tinkercad!

Fusion tutorials - intermediate

Your go-to destination for mastering the basics of intermediate 3D design editor Fusion 360. The free tutorials will provide you with a comprehensive education, covering all aspects of 3D design from basic modeling to complex animations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, our expert instructors will help you sharpen your skills and take your designs to the next level. 

Start and learn today and become a 3D design pro with our Fusion 360 tutorials.

Blender tutorials - advanced

The ultimate resource for learning the basics and advanced techniques of 3D design using Blender. Our guided step-by-step tutorials will help you master the fundamentals of this powerful design editor, regardless of your level of expertise.
From basic modeling to complex animations, we provide a comprehensive education that will take you from beginner to advanced levels.
You can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule and become a 3D design expert with our Blender tutorials.